Stetsom Iron Line IR 400.4 Duos - 4 Channel 400 Watts RMS Car Amplifier

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When we think that there is not as compact modules, while maintaining power and quality, Stetsom launches Iron line! Digital Amplifier Module Stetsom Iron Line IR 400.4 Duos - 4 Channels - 400 Watts RMS is a super compact product with power and quality to spare. To facilitate the installation, without losing quality, with its reduced size and weight, in inejato aluminum housing, it is super tough. Unlike the standard version, this is an economic model because it has a pair of RCA input instead of two peers, and gain setting is general and not for each pair of channels. It has 4 channels can be transformed into 2 or 3 channels by connection brdige. It has bass boost and external fuse.
More Information
Country of Manufacture Brazil
Brand Stetsom
Condition New
Amplifier Class D
Channel Impedance 2 Ohm
Number of Channels 4 Channel
RMS Power 400
Power with double the impedance (watts rms) 200
Frequency Response (Hz) 10Hz - 30000Hz
Maximum Supply Voltage (VDC) 16
Minimum Supply Voltage (VDC) 9
Musical Maximum Consumption (A) 16
Sinusoidal Signal Maximum Consumption (A) 32
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) 0.03%
Signal Noise Ratio (dB) 90
Protection System Output Short Circuit, Superheating, High Voltage
Product Length (in) 4.72
Product Height (in) 1.96
Product Width (in) 4.33
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