Taramps DS 440x4 Channel Class D 440 Watts RMS Car Amplifier

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Digital Amplifier Module Taramps DS 440x4 - 4 Channels - 440 Watts RMS came as alternative to the TS400, for those who want something a little beyond, with more power at low frequency and lower THD. The RMS power per cane is 440 Watts specified by the manufacturer, and that's enough, if we take into account that now the measurement of the manufacturer is made from 60hz to 1khz within this frequency range the module must have to deliver this power to less than 1% THD. Previously it was at 1000 Hz, THD smaller than or equal to 10% and voltage of 13.8 volts. That is, even now a trio project with total power of 400 watts going strong play without limitations. The range of frequency response of the amplifier also has changed from the TS-400 was 18 Hz to 30,000 Hz, in DS440x4 is 8 Hz to 26,000 Hz, but in practice it does not change anything, because the human ear in perfect condition captures only 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. And it could even be an indication of change in the internal crossover, but it remains the same, Low Pass 90Hz, high pass above 90 Hz, with the option of working in Full Pass. The musical consumption and Sine of DS440x4 are larger than the TS-400, this is very good for power's point of view, it will actually deliver the promised power and strong play at low and medium frequencies
More Information
Country of Manufacture Brazil
Brand Taramps
Condition New
Amplifier Class D
Channel Impedance 2 Ohm
Number of Channels 4 Channel
RMS Power 440
Power with double the impedance (watts rms) 220
Frequency Response (Hz) 8Hz - 26000Hz
Maximum Supply Voltage (VDC) 16
Minimum Supply Voltage (VDC) 8
Idle Consumption (A) 800mA
Musical Maximum Consumption (A) 23.5
Sinusoidal Signal Maximum Consumption (A) 47
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) 1%
Signal Noise Ratio (dB) 89
Protection System Output Short Circuit
Product Length (in) 4.72
Product Height (in) 1.57
Product Width (in) 6.29
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