Taramps DSP 1600 1 Channel 1976 Watts RMS + LED Clip Remoto 4 Ohm Car Amplifier

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Second-tech version of the first Brazilian amplifier with digital processing 100%! DSP-1600 Taramps, follows the line of aplificadores REAL digital audio processor and developed in Brazil. The settings are instantaneous and can be viewed directly on the instrument display, with precision, practicality and speed! Fine-Tuning Make adjustments of precise frequency and cuts very easily by monitoring directly on the handset display. The DSP-1600 has Taramps High Pass Filter (H.P.F), Low Pass Filter (L.P.F), limiter, Bass Boost feature and phase inverter with digital adjustment by DSP (Digital Signal Processor or Digital Signal Processor). The DSP also controls all the machine's vital functions: cooler management, protection and monitoring of the operating conditions. São power until 1978 Watts RMS of raw power with DSP technology that ensures exceptional quality and strength. With normal power (12V voltage) of 1600 Watts RMS on one channel to 1978 Watts RMS or 13.8 V (connected with drive voltage or through supply or charger). The frequency response ranges from 18Hz to 30KHz (-3dB) and 22Hz to 20KHz (-1dB). Display Featured on automotive amplifier modules, the display LED makes everything much more convenient and quick to adjust with information in real tepo. Set and view the information for the sound and device protection quickly in the LED display. Sound Adjustment, short detections or lower impedance problems, supply voltage, all precisely and in real time.
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Country of Manufacture Brazil
Brand Taramps
Condition New
Amplifier Class D
Channel Impedance 4 Ohm
Number of Channels 1 - Monoblock
RMS Power 1978
Power with double the impedance (watts rms) 989
Frequency Response (Hz) 22Hz - 20000Hz
Maximum Supply Voltage (VDC) 16
Minimum Supply Voltage (VDC) 9
Idle Consumption (A) 1.10
Musical Maximum Consumption (A) 79.5
Sinusoidal Signal Maximum Consumption (A) 159
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) 0.11%
Signal Noise Ratio (dB) 87
Protection System Output Short Circuit, Superheating, Low Voltage, High Voltage
Product Length (in) 9.05
Product Height (in) 2.75
Product Width (in) 6.69
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